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Health Night Out -- 7:00 PM Mon, Mar 25 at MtView BR
While skin cancer screening may be the main reason we sched-
ule dermatology appointments, there are many other things
happen-ing with our skin. What about those lumps and bumps
that come and go – or come and stay? Have you ever wonder-
ed about an annoying rash that appeared for no reason? How
can you tell an “age spot” from a more dangerous skin problem?

Dr. Scott Sheftel, founder of Healthy Skin Dermatology, will
address lumps, bumps and rashes and explain self – examina-
tion for skin cancer. He will conduct free screenings after his
presentation. Please click
HERE for more info.
Dr. S. Sheftel
Gardeners Lecture & Plant Sale --  Mar 21 at MtView
The Gardeners Exchange in conjunction with the SB/SB Ranch
Master Gardeners invites you to attend
“Artistically Designing
Container Gardens” presented by Tim Malone on Thursday,
March 21 at 1 PM, West Ballroom of MountainView in SB follow-
ing the
spring plant sale. Plant sale begins at 11:00 AM.

For more info, please click on
Lecture and Plant Sale.