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The pain is the same; it hurts in the same places. The symp-
toms could fit two or three different diagnoses. How can you tell
if you have Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis?  Autoim-
mune disorders can be hard to diagnose and even more com-
plicated to treat. Dr. Augusto Posadas concentrates primarily
on autoimmune and true inflammatory disorders. Located cen-
trally in the Tucson area, he serves patients from Saddle-
Brooke, Oro Valley, Vail, Green Valley, Phoenix and outlying
areas in Arizona. Please click
HERE for more information.
Health Night Out -- 7:00 Sept 23 at MtView Ball Room
On Monday, Oct 28 at 7:00 P.M., SB Health and Wellness will
feature a discussion on a new treatment for back pain. The use
of artificial disc replacements is relatively new in the world of
neurosurgery and may offer some patients an advantage over
spinal fusion. Efforts began in Europe in the 1980’s to develop
an artificial disc replacement that would preserve the natural
motion of the spine and provide the patient more flexibility than
a fusion. Dr. Wilson will introduce us to this procedure and
discuss which conditions and patients can benefit the most from
disc replacement.
Please click HERE for more information.
Health Night Out -- 7:00 Oct 28 at MtView Ball Room
Dr. Wilson