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SB resident Jim Thompson with the U of A Pharmacy Dept's free screening services.
Health Night Out -- 7:00 PM Mon, May 27 at MtView BR
When the doctor hands you a prescription for physical therapy
and sends you on your way, where do you start? What should
you be looking for when it comes to finding a physical therapist?
What distinguishes one physical therapist from another? What
determines a successful physical therapy course of care?

Learn the answer to these questions and ask more of your own
when Robert Klingman of Athlon Physical Therapy addresses
Health Night Out on Monday, May 27, 7:00 pm, MountainView
Ballroom. Please click
HERE for more info.
Robert Klingman
Health Night Out -- 7:00 PM Mon, Jun 24 at MtView BR
Television ads are filled with the promises of testosterone supple-
ments for men and women. Is it safe to buy and try? Are there
risks or side effects? Dr. Alberto Corica will address this subject
from a medical perspective. Even though June is Men’s Health
Month, this presentation will be of great interest to women, as well.
Dr. Corica is a Board-Certified Urologist who provides a wide
variety of urological services and specializes in minimally invasive
surgical procedures for men and women. Please click
HERE for
more info.
Dr. Alberto Corica