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SaddleBrooke Seniors
Senior Village
Most residents love it here and would prefer to stay as long as possible.
We're part of a national trend of seniors who want to "age in place" in the
familiar surroundings of home.  

A new volunteer group in SaddleBrooke supports this trend -- Senior Village
at SaddleBrooke, Inc. Formed in 2015, SVSB is a 501c3 non-profit and one of
over 200 "villages" in the national Village to Village Network. Our motto is very
descriptive -- "neighbors helping neighbors". Our mission is to provide simple
non-medical services to our members who are residents of SaddleBrooke to
help them live independently and to serve as a resource when they decide to
transition from our community.

For an informative update, please read the 2019 Annual Report.
Introducing Senior Village at SaddleBrooke