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Health Night Out -- 7:00 PM Mon, Mar 25 at MtView BR
While skin cancer screening may be the main reason we sched-
ule dermatology appointments, there are many other things
happen-ing with our skin. What about those lumps and bumps
that come and go – or come and stay? Have you ever wonder-
ed about an annoying rash that appeared for no reason? How
can you tell an “age spot” from a more dangerous skin problem?

Dr. Scott Sheftel, founder of Healthy Skin Dermatology, will
address lumps, bumps and rashes and explain self – examina-
tion for skin cancer. He will conduct free screenings after his
presentation. Please click
HERE for more info.
Dr. S. Sheftel
Dr. Sheftel, underwriter of the fair, and his team from Healthy Skin prepare
to do skin cancer screenings at the 2018 fair.
Gardeners Lecture & Plant Sale --  Mar 21 at MtView
The Gardeners Exchange in conjunction with the SB/SB Ranch
Master Gardeners invites you to attend
“Artistically Designing
Container Gardens
” presented by Tim Malone on Thursday,
March 21 at 1 PM, West Ballroom of MountainView in SB follow-
ing the
spring plant sale. Plant sale begins at 11:00 AM.

For more info, please click on
Lecture and Plant Sale.